Selling Your Media

Today I am going to write about selling your media online and what to expect when selling your footage or photos online.

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Time-Lapse Photography

Time-Lapse photography is one of the areas I have the most experience. I was making time-lapse videos back before Discovery’s Planet Earth made them cool and everyone and there grandma started making them.
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Animal Photography

Animal Photography

There is more to animal photography then just meets the eye. I am writing this from the perspective on that the reader all ready knows how to light a human subject. Now how about lighting a animal or insect? 

Raw or not to Raw

Today I am going to write about raw picture formats and whether to use raw or not and how to make the right choice for your needs.

What is raw? 
First we need to know what raw pictures are. Raw pictures are in a way digital negatives if you look at it in a film sense. It is the photograph in its purist form. It has not been compressed or altered in any way. Usually they will be odd files. Like .DNG, .PEF, .CRW, .ORF, ect. The would not be your typical .jpg or .tiff files your a used to seeing. A raw file is usually going to be a lot bigger in size then the jpg versions. My raw files on my camera are around 15mb in size, whereas the compressed jpgs are about 2mb in size.

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Manual or Auto Focus

Manual focus or auto focus is a question that comes up all the time. From new photographers to even the most experienced. First let me say what I use. I only have manual glass. I use manual lenses for photography because I like it. Does that make them better. No. I think it is important to know the pros and cons of both. Now I use them because it is good for what I do. At the same time a photographer that uses manual lenses because of some weird status or image rather then because he needs it is no better then the person who uses auto lenses because they don’t know how to focus. Sadly a lot of people picking one side or the other are the same people who fight over digital or film. Is one better then the other? Well try to have the film enthusiast edit a photograph or have the digital guy take a 2 week long exposure with out running out of batteries. “The picture on the above right is of me pulling focus for a Fox News video called Home Grown Terror shot in early 2011, with a manual lens on a jib hooked up to servos”


Have you ever been taking a picture and wished just a bit more could fit in the frame? Panoramas are a great way to get ALL of that epic shot captured. As my (Cassie’s) band was playing in Taos a couple weekends ago, I knew that photography adventure was in order. The Rio Grande Gorge Bridge is one of the many attractions in Taos. Driving over it feels like a miniature version of the Grand Canyon. It’s beauty sneaks up on you as you pass through the outskirts of Taos. Before you know it you are driving over a 650 foot drop. Looking over the bridge is not for the faint hearted. I found my legs morphing to jello and my stomach turning upside down. After my initial fears subsided I was overwhelmed with excitement as I thought of the awesome photo opportunities that awaited us. Here is a panorama of the bridge and the gorge beneath it. Click on the photo to see a larger version of it.
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Lessons in Lighting

Here is the first tutorial from Trevor. These are all about lighting your picture. Enjoy and feel free to ask questions!


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T-Ro Films Blogging Birth

Hello T-Ro Films fans!

We have decided to begin blogging about our business. We think that it is important for our customers and fans to hear about the latest with T-Ro Films. We still have our regular websites; and

but this blog will feature posts of our most recent projects, tutorials from Trevor, and the latest deals and specials we have to offer. We hope you enjoy and share this blog with others.