Lessons in Lighting

Here is the first tutorial from Trevor. These are all about lighting your picture. Enjoy and feel free to ask questions!


Ok so here is how it was lit, this one was a bit tricky. First flash was just above him and to the left by the tree, 2nd was about head level and 10 feet away to the right, then the 3rd is hard to tell but gives him edge, was behind him about 4 feet off the ground kinda behind the tree. The back light lit up his hair and some edge. You really notice it below his right hand on his pant leg. 🙂 not much but there. All flashes were set to 1/16 power except the back light. I used a super tak 100mm at 2.8 and about 1/135 shutter and iso 100.

A total of 3 Speed lights. 2 on soft umbrellas and one hard. Camera right just out of frame was the key light, camera left and back was the fill. Both were set to full power and it was not enough so camera left closer to the camera was a hard light to give the sparkle in the eyes.

Here is a really fun one. Click here to see the video on how this picture was taken.

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